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M/V MOL ‘Comfort’ – atualizações em inglês



Seguem informações em inglês, status e imagens de hoje do porta container ‘MOL Comfort.

A seção de vante do casco preparando para ser rebocada. A seção de ré foi à pique  hoje pela manhã. (Foto: Capt. Sven Degn, M/T Torm Thyra).

Alguns dos informes e comentários do post original abaixo podem ajudar a entender o que houve e atentar às eventuais preocupações sobre “armas boiando”: …

  • London, Jun 25 — Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. updated status of the fully cellular containership MOL Comfort as of 2300, JST, Jun 24: The vessel could not continue sailing under its own power from Jun 17 because the hull fractured in 2 parts while under way on the Indian Ocean. The fore and aft parts are drifting near lat 15 25N, long 67 53E, and lat 13 48N, long 64 50E respectively in an east-northeast direction. The weather at the site is still adverse. Some of the containers were lost, but majority of the cargo are confirmed to be aboard the fore and aft part. We have contracted with a salvage company and are proceeding to rescue the cargo and hulls. One patrol boat and three tugboats have arrived at the site on Jun 24. Total of five boats including one more boat which is expected to arrive on Jun 26 will prepare for the rescue. We confirmed there is no oil film around the vessel. We have started an investigation of the causes together with the shipbuilder, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (hereafter MHI). Although the cause of this incident has not been identified yet, MOL, together with MHI and the classification society (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, ClassNK), is arranging inspection of the all six sister vessels as quickly as possible. This inspection is in addition to the one carried out by the crew during navigation. MOL also started operational precautions to reduce the stress on the hull as an interim contingency plan
  • Mumbai, Jun 27 — The Captain of Port is gearing up to prevent the drifting parts of the broken fully cellular containership MOL Comfort from reaching the Goa Coast. The state government has alerted the security agencies as it is being widely anticipated that the vessel was carrying arms for Syrian rebels, while it was on its way to Jeddah from Singapore. “Internet reports have said that the vessel was carrying arms for Syrian rebels,” the Chief Minister of Goa, Mr Manohar Parrikar, said. However, local authorities and security agencies have been alerted to be vigilant for any derelict drifting towards the Goa CoastMOL Comfort was carrying 4,268 containers on board, when it split into two. CoP sources said that the fore and the aft parts of the vessel were drifting towards the Indian west coast, and as of Tuesday, the derelict was at a distance of about 530 miles, off the Goa Coast, and drifting at 2.5 knots. The salvage company, Smit Salvage Pvt. Ltd., Singapore, is in the process of securing both the parts and towing them to safety. The Indian Coast Guard and the Navy are monitoring the situation closely, said the CoP secretary, Mr Hage Batt. “All efforts are being made to prevent the parts of the vessel from entering the exclusive economic zone (300 nautical miles), off the coast,” said Mr Batt. The chances of the vessel being salvaged are high and there is no cause for any concern as the vessel is still in the international waters far away from the Goa Coast. — Lloyd’s Agents (Wilson Surveyors & Adjusters Pvt Ltd). 


  • London, Jun 27 — Following press release issued by Mitsui OSK Lines Ltd today: The aftpart of fully cellular containership MOL Comfort sank in the open sea near lat 14 26N, long 66 26E, at 1648, JST, today. The water depth in this location is about 4,000 metres. About 1,700 containers on board the aftpart sank with this section of the vessel and some are confirmed floating near the site. About 1,500 tonnes of fuel oil was estimated to be on board in the tanks of the aftpart. No large volume of oil leakage has been confirmed at this moment. We have reported this fact to Indian authorities while we are keeping patrol boats in the area to monitor the situation of oil leakage and floating containers. The forepart is being stably towed 

Casualty Coments: Mol Comfort (Bahamas) 27 June 2013, 15:29

  • Ankit Bansal i have sailed in this time in this area we were sailing near to land we got very ruff weather near hafoon our vessel was near to capsize we were getting 35 40 degree rolling that was very horrible time nd scene of ma life
  • Ankit Bansal i have sailed in this time in this area we were sailing near to land we got very ruff weather near hafoon our vessel was near to capsize we were getting 35 40 degree rolling that was very horrible time nd scene of ma life

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